New Jersey, It’s Time to Innovate.

Our state motto is “Liberty and Prosperity”, and for many years, this is what made New Jersey one of the most prosperous states in the nation as well as a home to many industries and businesses. In recent years, however, politicians have chipped away at what made New Jersey prosper and what has always made us so strong.

Today, New Jerseyans have one of the highest tax burdens in the country, and businesses both big and small face a myriad of taxes and regulations that make it harder to do business in our state. This needs to stop!

This is why I am running for governor — it’s time to scale back government interference in our lives and get back to our motto of “Liberty and Prosperity”.

With this in mind, here are some of the main issues I will address to promote economic and personal freedom for New Jersey.

My Plan:

Lower Taxes

We plan to lower taxes to let you keep more of what you earn and bring jobs back to New Jersey. My tax plan includes:
Enact the school funding fairness formula.  Stipulate that all towns which accept increased state aid for their schools lower property taxes according to the new money they receive.  This municipal opt-in is the first and only plan any gubernatorial candidate has proposed to actually lower taxes once and for all.
Abolish the inheritance tax, which affects more people than the estate tax, and is one of the highest in the nation at 16%.
Repeal the gas tax increase and ultimately phase out the gas tax entirely.  The gas tax is a regressive tax on the working poor and the struggling middle class — by relying on a gas tax, road maintenance costs will increasingly be borne by traditional car owners and not at all by electric car owners.

Overhauling Education

Despite one of the highest spending levels per-student in the nation, education for many in New Jersey leaves much to be desired. I will work hard to ensure students across New Jersey have access to better education.
Introduce meaningful school choice reform.
Reform the school funding formula to end the disparity in funding between school districts.
Introduce school vouchers programs to give parents more options when choosing how their kids will be educated.
Encourage new trade schools and trade certificate programs.


The Second Amendment is our Constitutional right to own firearms, carry concealed, and defend ourselves and our loved ones.
We must end “justifiable need”.


Zero taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood.
Enact the A3452/S2026, the “Pain-Capable Child Protection Act.”
Encourage a Culture of Life.

Transportation & Infrastructure

Infrastructure in New Jersey is in desperate need of repair and new projects have not been possible because of lack of funding. As an engineer and government contractor, I understand how corporations and government work.
Under my leadership, we will end inefficiencies in the Transportation Trust Fund to cut costs and redirect more funding to projects.
Repeal the gas tax that hurts middle and low-income families the most.
Direct funding from new revenue streams to maintain our infrastructure.
Check out Hirsh’s video on the “New Jersey Hyperloop”

Drug Laws & Criminal Justice Reform

As we’ve seen growing evidence of how new approaches to drug laws have been successful, it’s time for New Jersey to legalize cannabis. I propose the following changes:
Regulate and tax cannabis like alcohol.
Redirect law enforcement resources to fight serious crimes.
Treat drug addiction as a public health problem allowing for different treatment methods for those in need of help.
Reform penalties for nonviolent drug offenders which have devastated inner city communities and overcrowded our prison system.
End Civil Asset Forfeiture in New Jersey which allows Law Enforcement to seize property without filing charges or getting a conviction.

Medical Malpractice & Tort Reform

New Jersey has one of the worst litigation environments in the nation — in particular, this affects the healthcare industry and doctors who are subject to frivolous lawsuits and exorbitant malpractice insurance.
We must:
Work to cap malpractice damages.
Allow healthcare practitioners to recoup economic damages from frivolous lawsuits.
Introduce statute of limitation on claims to prevent abuses.
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