Engineer. Businessman. Native.

Hirsh Vardhan Singh is an engineer, businessman and New Jersey native with a passion for finding, designing, negotiating and implementing solutions that are keeping Americans safe right now.

Born in Atlantic City as the middle of three children, Hirsh learned the value of hard work, determination and respect for his country from his parents who immigrated from India at a young age in pursuit of the American Dream.

Since completing his engineering degree, Hirsh has thrived in the aerospace, satellite navigation and defense industry directing and managing teams at Hi-TecSystems Inc., where he manages the front-line work at its eight different locations. More than a manager, Hirsh is charged with finding and negotiating contracts that aim to provide cutting edge engineering solutions to both civilian and government agencies.

NJ Needs A Problem Solver. Not a Politician.

Under his care and direction, his teams have secured contracts that handle safety and security to the National Airspace System as well as programs for the National Missile Defense Program. Furthermore, Hirsh’s teams have completed work supporting the fields of military intelligence, especially in the area of military communication systems development. Hirsh’s solutions now form the backbone of military communication that connects the soldier in the field to the informant in the village to the drone in the skies to the Commander in the Pentagon.

Hirsh is very proud that his programs and solutions have ensured the safety of countless Americans both at home and abroad, both on the ground and in the air. One of his proudest projects is a sensor located on the east coast that’s designed to quickly detect and eliminate any missiles, unmanned or low flying aircraft launched at American soil by foreign entities.


Now, there are new challenges on the horizon. After years of winning bids for government service contracts, Hirsh knows there are problems so ingrained that the system needs a complete overhaul, not just a tune-up.


It's time to help Hirsh break into a government that doesn’t want to deal with someone whose goal isn’t a cushy office job with all the perks of an expense account. This is a man who doesn’t want to spend his whole career waiting for a fractured government to approve his latest air defense contract.

To support Hirsh in his goal to win the nomination of the Republican Party to run for the office of New Jersey Governor, click here to donate or to arrange to host a meet-up with Hirsh as he takes his message on the road to every township and diner in the state.