New Jersey Needs a Problem Solver. Not a Politician.

Let’s Develop Smart Solutions to move New Jersey Forward.

  • Lower Taxes

    We plan to lower taxes to let you keep more of what you earn and bring jobs back to New Jersey.

  • Overhauling Education

    Despite one of the highest spending levels per-student in the nation, education for many in New Jersey leaves much to be desired. I will work hard to ensure students across New Jersey have access to better education.

  • Transportation & Infrastructure

    Infrastructure in the state is in desperate need of repair and new projects have not been possible because of lack of funding. As an engineer and government contractor, I understand how corporations and government work.

  • Drug Laws & Criminal Justice Reform

    As we see growing evidence of how new approaches to drug laws have been successful, it’s time for New Jersey to move forward and legalize cannabis.

  • Medical Malpractice & Tort Reform

    New Jersey has one of the worst litigation environments in the country — which affects the healthcare industry and doctors specifically with frivolous lawsuits and exorbitant malpractice insurance.

Singh Solutions

Hirsh is an engineer in a field famous for bending intelligence to make human lives easier and safer. He’s an outsider to the political class that uses taxpayer money to make their own lives cozier while filling in a pothole or two.

Singh Solutions reflect three facts that have held to the test of time: The Founding Fathers were extraordinarily prescient in writing a document that would forever accommodate the human potential of its citizens when they formalized the United States of America. Human intelligence and innovation has blossomed with profound potential right here in a way that has never happened before due to the unique conditions that free every citizen to pursue their dreams. And lastly, the government is at its best when its citizens are at their best. That means that the government must focus on defending the long lives of every citizen instead of telling you exactly what to do with every single one of those days.

God Bless America, and bless we who struggle today to defend the foundational beliefs that resulted in the greatest country the world has ever known. After years of misdirection, we’re far beyond just needing to plug a few pot holes, but that’s all you’ll get out of the other candidates. It’s time to elect an engineer.

Get Involved

Since Hirsh is not a politician, he doesn’t believe he is in entitled to your money, and doesn’t expect taxpayers to pick up the tab on this campaign… unlike every other GOP candidate who took hundreds of thousands of your dollars to run campaigns where they tell you how to live. And unlike his running mates, he hasn’t purchased fake followers to like and share his social media posts.

The Hirsh campaign is actively recruiting real volunteers and willing supporters who are tired of politicians who aren’t accountable to their contributors. At Singh for NJ Governor, we believe that grass roots run deep.

Hirsh wants you to check out his Twitter and Facebook page to experience the unique energy and buzz before signing up to Be A Volunteer.

If door knocking, sharing links and voter outreach calls sound like a task you’d rather delegate, we will gratefully accept the donations that will keep our ground team going.

Attend a Town Hall

We’d like to keep Hirsh all to ourselves, but he gets so much energy from attending town halls, beer fests and diners we’ve had to turn these into campaign stops! Politicians who stay up on a stage with a moderator can spin all kinds of promises and will shame anyone who disagrees. You aren’t allowed to challenge their plans, because arguing with them in front of the left is bad for conservative values because it shows dissent in the party.

To find out where Hirsh will be next, check his busy schedule here. He won’t be up on a stage to tell you what to think, he’ll be right at your table to work out agreements and defend his plan for a state government. Hirsh won’t tell you, the taxpayers, to back off when you ask where your money is spent.